How to contribute ?

©Éric Nehr

Thank you for considering any kind of contribution to Strings for Talent.

If you own an instrument and would like to make it available to the development of a promising career, please be kind enough to contact us (see ‘Contacts‘).

Please prepare a short description of the instrument, including its condition.

It will be submitted to the artistic board.

If the latter finds the proposal in line with the purpose of the Fund, an appointment will be agreed upon to hand over the instrument to a designated instrument maker for a short period of time. A proper receipt will be signed.

The instrument maker will assess the instrument performances and conditions in more details.

After that, should both parties be willing to proceed further, a proper agreement will be discussed with the lender.

Should you prefer to finance a new instrument, your contribution will be double. You will help a young talent’s career and contribute to the future of a rare craftsmanship, that of instrument maker.

You could remain the owner of the instrument by purchasing it directly. A good quality instrument might be a long-term valuable investment. If you accept to lend it to Strings for Talent for a period of time, the artistic board will help you with the choice of the instrument regarding its musical quality, price/quality ratio and long-term investment value.

In that occurrence, the financing will not be eligible for a tax deduction.

If you prefer to make the financing eligible for tax deductibility, the money should be transferred to the King Baudouin Foundation (see ‘Contacts‘ for details).

In that case, the King Baudouin Foundation will remain the owner of the instrument.

The loan to a young talent and the follow up will be made as described here above.

For any gift of at least 10.000 €, your name will be linked to the instrument and you will be introduced to the beneficiary, enabling you to initiate some personal contacts with the player, should you wish to do so.

If one person or a group of persons represented by one person is financing one instrument, a special agreement will be signed.

Corporations are, of course, welcome to finance an instrument under conditions to be agreed upon detailing the most suitable returns for them (see ‘Contacts‘).

For the contributors, it might be important to know that the King Baudouin Foundation manages the administrative tasks and, to do so, takes a 5 % fee on the given funds. That percentage decreases if the yearly gifts exceed 100.000 €.

Apart from that and for the time being, members of the two boards are acting as volunteers, without compensation, as well as the people supporting them.

Should Strings for Talent be very successful, some additional support might be required and induce some costs. It will be published on this site if and as soon as it might occur.

For any question, please contact the King Baudouin Foundation.