How to apply as a ‘young talent’ ?

©Éric Nehr

The conditions are:

  • for the moment, the instruments being taken into consideration are violin, viola or cello;
  • candidates should preferably be less than 30 years old on the date at which all the required documents are sent by electronic mail as indicated on the application form; however, the management board may waive that condition if appropriate circumstances justify to do so;
  • they should be able to prove some personal link with Belgium, meaning, for instance, a residence in Belgium or some music education in a Belgian institution;
  • two recommendations from professionals should be joined.

If the said conditions are fulfilled, the questionnaire hereunder can be downloaded.

Please fill it (it is in “Word” format) and mail it to the indicated address. The questionnaire lists the requested enclosures.

Please  mail them with the form.

For any question, please contact the King Baudouin Foundation (see ‘Contacts‘).